Does Venmo Work with Chime? The 2024 Update

Last updated: April 19th, 2024

Does venmo work with chime

You are probably here because you’ve wondered at some point: Does Venmo work with Chime? And, let’s be honest, it is a great question considering how these two peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms have transformed the way we handle money. Now, let’s delve into this exciting topic.

Can You Transfer Money from Venmo to Chime?

The short answer is Yes! You can send money from Venmo to Chime. With the Chime Card, transferring money from your Venmo to your Chime account is as easy as pie.

Transferring Money From Venmo To Chime

To send funds from Venmo to Chime, you will have to first set up your Chime account with Venmo which is a fairly straightforward process.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Access Venmo App and Sign In

Launch the Venmo App on your smartphone and sign in.

Step 2: Click on the Menu Icon

On the home screen, you will spot a menu icon in the upper right corner. Click on it to reveal a drop-down list.

Step 3: Select Settings

From the drop-down list, choose the Settings option.

Step 4: Click on Payment Method

In the settings menu, find and select Payment Method.

Step 5: Click on Add Bank or Card

Under the Payment Method section, click on Add Bank or Card.

Step 6: Click Card and Fill in Your Chime Card Details

When a pop-up appears, click on Card and enter your Chime debit card details (card number, CVV, expiry date, etc.) then click on Add.

Step 7: Confirm Your Chime Card

Once you add the card, confirm it. You can do this via Instant Verification or Micro transfers, based on your preference.

Voila! You have successfully linked your Chime account with your Venmo.

Can I Link My Chime Account to Venmo Without a Debit Card?

Yes, you can also link your Chime account to Venmo using your Chime routing and account numbers. This method can take up to 5 business days, so we recommend linking via debit card for quicker transactions.

How To Transfer Money from Venmo to Chime

You have linked your Chime Card to your Venmo app. Now what? The next step is transferring money. Let’s get down to it.

Step 1: Launch Venmo App and Sign In

Launch the Venmo application on your device and log into your profile.

Step 2: Click on the Menu Icon

Click on the menu icon (three dots icon) located in the upper right corner of the app.

Step 3: Click on Manage Balance

From the drop-down list, choose Manage Balance.

Step 4: Click on Transfer to Bank

A pop-up will appear at the bottom of the screen, offering two options: ‘Transfer to Bank’ and Add Money. Select Transfer to Bank.

Step 5: Input the Amount for Transfer

Decide on the sum you wish to transfer from your Venmo to your Chime account and input that figure.

Step 6: Select Transfer to Chime Card

If you have multiple accounts linked with Venmo, you will have the option to select the account for transfer. Choose ‘Chime card.’

Step 7: Click the Transfer Button

Click the green transfer button to complete the transaction from your Venmo account to your Chime account. Voila, you are done.

Is There a Fee to Transfer Money from Venmo to Chime?

While transferring money from Venmo to Chime is relatively straightforward, it’s essential to know that a transfer fee may apply.

  • If you opt for an instant transfer from Venmo to your Chime account, a 1.5% fee applies. 
  • A 3% charge is applied if you transfer from your Venmo account using a credit card.
  • For depositing a payroll check into your Venmo account, a 1% fee applies, with a minimum of $5.

How To Transfer Money From Chime To Venmo

Step 1: Tap On The Menu Icon

Tap on the “☰” icon on the top right.

Step 2: Click Manage Balance

From the home screen, tap the Manage Balance option.

Step 3: Select Add Money

From the pop-up at the bottom, choose Add Money.

Step 4: Enter the Amount to Transfer

Decide the amount you want to move from Chime to Venmo and input that amount.

Step 5: Select Chime Bank

Choose your linked Chime bank account as the source of the funds.

Step 6: Tap the Add Money Button

Tap the green Add Money button to complete the transfer.

What are the Transfer Limits?

For Venmo, you can transfer out up to $20,000 per week and transfer in up to $1,500 per week. For Chime, you can transfer out up to $2,500 per day, while incoming transfers are unlimited.

Safety and Security When Using Venmo with Chime

When it comes to transferring money between Venmo and Chime, safety and security are paramount. Both Venmo and Chime prioritize the security of their users’ funds and personal information.

Venmo’s Security Measures

Venmo uses encryption to protect your account information and monitor your account for unauthorized transactions. The app also allows you to set up a PIN code for mobile transactions, providing an extra layer of security.

Chime’s Security Measures

Chime also employs robust security measures to protect your money. The app uses 128-bit AES encryption, and if your Chime card is lost or stolen, you can instantly block it from the app. Chime also offers FDIC insurance up to $250,000 through its partner banks.

Linking Venmo and Chime Safely

When linking your Chime account to Venmo, ensure you’re entering your details on the official Venmo app to avoid phishing scams. Always keep your login details private and regularly update your password for added security.

Transferring Money Safely

When transferring money from Venmo to Chime or vice versa, double-check the amount you’re transferring and the recipient’s details. This can help prevent accidental transfers or sending money to the wrong account.

Remember, while Venmo and Chime have security measures in place, it’s essential to use these services responsibly to keep your money safe.

To Sum It Up

So, there you have it. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can transfer money from Venmo to Chime, and vice versa. Whether you are splitting bills with friends or managing your finances, the Venmo and Chime integration brings a lot of convenience to the table.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Once a transfer from Venmo to Chime has been initiated, it is not possible to cancel it. Therefore, it’s crucial to double-check all details before hitting the transfer button. Always ensure the amount is correct and you’re transferring to the right account.
So, can you instant transfer from Venmo to Chime? Yes! Open the Venmo app and log in. Tap the Pay or Request button, enter the amount you wish to transfer and select Pay. When prompted, choose your Chime account as the source of the transfer. Hit “Pay” again to confirm the transfer.
If you have linked your accounts via a Chime debit card, transfers are practically instant. If you’ve linked via a Chime bank account, transfers can take up to 5 business days.
Open Venmo, go to settings, select your Chime account, and choose ‘Remove’ to unlink.
Check your Chime login details, try reinstalling Venmo, or contact Venmo’s customer service for help.

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