Restaurants That Accept Venmo In 2024 (New List)

Last updated: April 19th, 2024

restaurants that accept Venmo

If you are looking for restaurants that accept Venmo or if you’re one of those people googling “restaurants near me that take Venmo”, you are in the right place.

Can You Directly Pay Restaurants with Venmo?

Yes, you can directly pay at some restaurants with Venmo, but it’s not universally accepted. Here’s how it works:

Venmo QR Code:

Some restaurants allow customers to pay their bills directly through the Venmo app by scanning the restaurant’s Venmo QR code

The Venmo Card

Venmo introduced a debit card, named the Venmo Card. This card allows you to spend your Venmo balance anywhere Mastercard is accepted. This means that as long as a restaurant accepts debit cards, you can pay with your Venmo balance.

Delivery Apps That Accept Venmo

With the rise of food delivery apps, the question becomes: which of these apps lets you tap into your Venmo balance?

Does Uber Eats Take Venmo?

Yes, Uber Eats accepts Venmo. But the question is “How do I use Venmo on Uber Eats”? Don’t worry. The integration is seamless. After linking your Venmo account to Uber Eats, select Venmo as your payment option during checkout. Moreover, Uber Eats offers a simple process to split your bill with friends, right from the Venmo app.

Does Grubhub Take Venmo?

Does Venmo work on Grubhub? Yes, GrubHub also lets users pay with their Venmo balance. And yes, if you are dining with friends, you can split your GrubHub bill using Venmo.

Does Doordash Accept Venmo?

Sadly, as of now, DoorDash does not take direct Venmo payments. However, if you have a Venmo Card, you can easily add it as a payment method.

Restaurants That Accept Venmo Card

Let’s address the big question. What are the restaurants that accept Venmo near me?

Here is a list of restaurants that accept Venmo: 

  1. Chipotle Mexican Grill
  2. Subway
  3. Starbucks
  4. Kentucky Fried Chicken
  5. Domino’s Pizza
  6. Papa John’s Pizza
  7. Wendy’s
  8. Taco Bell
  9. Dunkin’
  10. Papa Murphy’s
  11. The Halal Guys
  12. Blaze Pizza

Does McDonald’s Accept Venmo As Payment?

While you can’t directly send your Big Mac’s payment via the Venmo app, you’re not out of luck. With the Venmo Card, you can pay for your meal at McDonald’s.

Other Big Names

Other fast-food giants like Chick-fil-A, Popeyes, and Dominoes. They all operate in the same way when it comes to Venmo. No direct app payments, but a Venmo Card will work wonders.

What Fast Food Places Accept Venmo QR Code?

Now you must be wondering “What food places take Venmo”? Well, several fast food places like Chipotle and Panda Express are beginning to accept Venmo QR codes as a form of payment. However, it’s always a good idea to check the restaurant’s official website to see if they’ve implemented Venmo QR code payments at their specific location.

Does Chipotle Accept Venmo?

Yes, Chipotle accepts Venmo as a payment method. You can pay using your Venmo balance directly at Chipotle, either by scanning the Venmo QR code or by using your Venmo debit card. Additionally, if you’re dining with friends or colleagues, Chipotle allows you to conveniently split the bill using Venmo. 

Should You Get a Venmo Card?

If you are a regular Venmo user and love the convenience it offers, getting a Venmo credit card seems like a no-brainer. It offers the flexibility to use your Venmo balance in a wider range of places. 

How to Apply for a Venmo Card?

Getting a Venmo Card is easy. Open your app, navigate to the Venmo Card section, fill out your details, pick a card color, and voila! Expect it in your mailbox in about a week.

How Do I Pay With Venmo at Restaurants?

  1. Direct Payment via Venmo QR Code: For restaurants that accept Venmo, scan the restaurant’s Venmo QR code, enter the amount, and send.
  2. Venmo Card: This acts like a regular debit card but uses your Venmo balance. Just swipe or insert it at the point of sale.
  3. Integrated Apps: Apps like Uber Eats and GrubHub, select Venmo as the payment method during checkout.


The world of payments is ever-evolving. While we are not at a point where every restaurant takes Venmo, we’re certainly getting there. With Venmo Credit Cards and partnerships with delivery services, the future looks bright for Venmo users who love to dine out or order in. So, the next time you’re thinking of heading out for a meal, take that Venmo card along or check if the restaurant has a QR code for direct Venmo payments. After all, the future is digital, and with Venmo, you’re already ahead of the curve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Venmo is a secure and trusted digital payment platform. Using it to pay for your food orders is a safe and convenient option.
If you don’t have enough balance in your Venmo account to cover a payment, the entire cost of the payment will be charged to your preferred payment method.
Yes, many popular food delivery apps, such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Doordash, accept Venmo as a payment method. However, some restaurants and grocery stores offer their own apps that accept Venmo
Most restaurants do not accept Venmo as a direct form of payment currently. However, there are workarounds like the Venmo Card.
After linking your Venmo account to Uber Eats, you can select Venmo as your payment option during checkout.

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